Rick Sammon Portable Lighting Kit and Tote for Outdoor Photography

Rick Sammon Outdoor Lighting Kit and Tote

The Rick Sammon On-Location Lighting Kit and Tote consist of:

One (1) 30” diffuser
One (1) 30” Sunlight/Silver Illuminator reflector
One (1) Micro Apollo
A carry tote.

Pro photographer Rick Sammon designed the portable lighting kit in cooperation with Toledo, Ohio-based F.J. Westcott Company, a leading manufacturer of lighting and light control equipment, when he needed an outdoor lighting kit for travel photography.

The diffusion panel is a 1-stop diffuser, used to soften harsh sunlight. To bounce sunlight onto a subject’s face for dramatic lighting, fill in shadows or add catch light to the eyes, the Sunlight/Silver reflector can be used. The Micro Apollo attaches to any accessory flash with Velcro for diffusing the light.

All these can be packed in a lightweight carry tote which is 12” in diameter and includes three interior pockets to separate the lighting accessories.

[Via: PhotographyBay.com]
[Site: FJWestcott.com]

Published by Chris Malinao

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