RED Reveals Details of New Modular High End Cameras

RED Reveals Details of New Modular High End Cameras

Camera maker RED (Jim Jannard, CEO – he’s the billionaire who made your Oakley glasses) has finally revealed what it calls a true revolution in digital imaging. Their cameras are modular – they are highly configurable to the specs you want; they are high resolution rigs – you can get the resolution you want now and in the future; and they act both as high-res still cameras and high-res video cameras. In short, RED promises to make our cameras a whole lot better.

They have 3 systems in the works: the Scarlet, Scarlet Professional, and the Epic Master Professional. Within each tier are various models that target different categories of users. The Scarlet models start at under $4,000.

On the high end, the Epic models have these: the S35 ($28,000 body only) will have a 12-bit 13.8-megapixel sensor; the Epic FF35 ($35,000) will sport a 16-bit 24-MP sensor; the Epic 645 ($45,000) will feature a 16-bit 42X56mm 65-megapixel sensor; and the Epic 617 with a 186X56mm 261-megapixel (!) sensor will top the whole product line. RED cameras will use Nikon and Canon lenses.

Details are available at their website. Actual release dates of the RED cameras are still to be announced.


Published by Chris Malinao

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