PopPhoto Helps You Choose the Right Light

Photo by Leanne Lim-Walker

PopPhoto.com’s Peter Kolonia has posted an article about choosing the right lights for studio and location shooting, plus a few tips for better lighting.

He differentiates between studio strobes and hot lights and when and why you would choose one type over the other. Studio strobes are bright, instantaneous, and heat-free while hot lights tend to be less heavy and less expensive than strobes. Hot lights also provide a continuous light output that allow the photographer more opportunity to study and finesse the strength, direction, and quality of the lighting — good news for neophytes.

Peter also discusses location strobes and fluorescents as well as the accessories that complete a good lighting setup.

In this thoughtful article, Peter provides a lot of actual brand examples, their capabilities, estimated prices and what to look for if you decide to go for some of these equipment.

[Via: PopPhoto.com]
Photo: Leanne Lim-Walker

Published by Chris Malinao

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