Pentax Offers to Fix K-5 Sensor Stain

Pentax K-5 DSLR Camera

The problem is stained image sensor, especially with the first shipments of the Pentax K-5 DSLR, and the company is acting appropriately to offer an apology and a fix.

The Pentax statement says: “We deeply regret that the first shipment of our PENTAX K-5 digital SLR camera included some products with a stained image sensor – a problem which we believe was caused during manufacturing – causing them to occasionally produce images with spots which look something like water drops, and which users cannot remove with ordinary cleaning methods.”

“All users of these defective products will receive free repair at our service center,” the company said.

The announcement mentions Tokyo and Osaka addresses of the service centers, but did not state how they will deal with this worldwide. In the US, you may try calling the Pentax Customer Care at their toll-free number (800)877-0155.

[Site: Pentax Japan]

Published by Chris Malinao

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