Paul C. Buff Unveils New Einstein 640 Studio Strobe

Paul C. Buff Einstein 640 Studio Strobe

Nashville-based Paul C. Buff is releasing the new Einstein 640 studio strobe in December 2009. The new strobe promises to deliver crisp motion-freezing capability and color temperature consistency. Buff has made a name in the industry for his high quality but affordable lighting equipment.

The Einstein 640 incorporates the features of the AlienBees AB MAX series, equipped with a compact 640 True WS studio flash that seamlessly auto-switches for operation from 95VAC to 260VAC 50-60 Hz. It allows precise and consistent nine f-stop range of power adjustment (2.5WS to 640WS) in exacting 1/10f steps.

The Einstein 640 is not an AlienBees-branded light. Nor is it to be sold as a White Lightning, or a Zeus. Instead, it will simply be the Paul C. Buff Einstein 640. It will retail for about $440.

[Via: Rob Galbraith]
[Site: Paul C. Buff]

Published by Chris Malinao

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