Pantone Huey monitor claibration tool announced

Pantone Huey

Pantone has announced a monitor calibration tool which is aimed at photo enthusiasts (that’s us) and looks like a dry erase marker. We welcome yet another affordable color solution priced at $89 msrp.

From the press release:
Pantone, Inc., the global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the design industries, today announced the availability of huey(TM), an easy-to-use monitor calibration tool designed for digital photo enthusiasts, gamers and any computer user wanting absolute color and clarity.

Developed in partnership with GretagMacbeth and brought to market by Pantone, huey is based on GretagMacbeth’s technology for professional-level products and delivered in an easy-to-use, affordable device — a true breakthrough in terms of form, function and usability. About the size of a small marker, huey delivers excellent results on LCD, laptop and CRT displays without requiring users to have any knowledge of color management. In addition, huey is the first monitor calibration device to continually adjust the monitor as room lighting changes.

Huey is the newest gadget for any consumer or photo hobbyist looking for absolute color and clarity. huey is distinctly different from professional monitor calibration tools on the market that require a basic understanding of color management to operate. Plus, it is the only device that continually adapts a monitor for changing room lighting.

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