OWC Offers Panasonic Blu-ray Optical Disk Drives

OWC Panasonic External Blu-ray Disk Drive

Other World Computing (OWC) is offering Panasonic Blu-ray optical disk drives on stock at their online store. Their Blu-ray drive offerings start at $560 for IDE/ATAPI internal drives and $650 for external drives with either Firewire or USB 2.0 connectivity for Windows and Mac PCs.

The new drives provide the advantages of Blu-ray, including high-capacity storage of up to 50GB per disc with write-once and rewriteable media at a speed up to 24X, full quality HD Picture, and Surround Sound capabilities.

The drives are bundled with two 25GB Blu-ray media discs and a full version of Toast 8 DVD/CD authoring software. The OWC Blu-ray drive solutions are available immediately from OWC.

[Site: OWC eShop]

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