One Stop for Photo Podcasts at PhotoCast Network

The Photocast Network, a volunteer organization with the goal of featuring the best in photography-related podcasts, is trying to increase the number of listeners by providing an easily-accessed resource for member shows and other programs of interest to the photography professional.

Co-founders Germany-based photographer Chris Marquardt and UK-based John Arnold, have assembled the top photography-based podcasts in the world, and they plan to promote them via the Photocast Network website at

Founding members include:

  • Tips From The Top Floor hosted by Chris Marquardt
  • PhotoWalkthrough hosted by John Arnold
  • The Candid Frame by Ibarionex Perello
  • Lightsource by Bill Crawford and Ed Hidden
  • 2 Minute Photoshop Tricks by Kent Conklin
  • The Radiant Vista hosted by Matt Gibson and Craig Tanner
  • The Simple Photo Minute by Dane Sander

The goals of the network are to grow listenership among all the member shows and to help photography-info seekers to find podcasts of interest. Members of the network will work to promote projects and competitions for photographers, and a photography blog is also featured on the website.


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