Olympus Unveils 2 GB xD-Picture Card

Earlier today Olympus Imaging America Inc. announced the M2 GB xD-Picture Card. With 2 GB of storage, the M2 has the greatest storage capacity in the xD-Picture Card series. With an M2 GB in your camera, you can take more than a thousand pictures at high-quality (8 megapixels) or capture longer QuickTime video footages.

“The M2 GB Type M-Series xD-Picture Card uses the latest high-capacity storage technology based on the Multi-Level Cell (MLC*) to pack 2GB of memory onto an ultra-compact media card measuring just 25.0mm (W) x 20.0mm (H) x 1.7mm (D) in size,” according to the announcement by Olympus.

[Via: DPNow.com]

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