NRD Firefly Uses Ionization to Remove Sensor Dust

NRD Firefly

The NRD Firefly introduces yet another way to get rid of dust from DSLR image sensors. It’s a touch-less dust removal system, there is no physical contact between the surface being cleaned and the cleaning device. NRD’s Greg Gumkowski says the Firefly takes care of the dust very quickly and very simply without danger of damaging the sensor.

It looks like an air blower on steroids; it has a 9-volt electronic gadget that multiplies the battery’s voltage to a point where corona discharge will occur. The air ions are blown into the sensor – which attracted the dust in the first place because of its electrostatic charges – and the dust specks are supposed to just lose their stickiness and fall off.

And that’s how it’s supposed to work. The NRD Firefly blows ions into the sensor and the dust will just fall off. My question is, where’d they go, they fall off where?

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One thought on “NRD Firefly Uses Ionization to Remove Sensor Dust

  1. Greg Gumkowski

    The manufacturer recommends that cleaning takes place with the camera opening facing down. Once the the static charges have been removed from the sensor and all the components of the mirror box, there is sufficient air volume and velocity to flush any particulate out of the camera.