New Studio Flash Kits from Elinchrom

Elinchrom D-Lite Studio Flash Kits

Elinchrom has announced its affordable D-Lite studio flash kits, specifically designed to meet the needs of entry-level photographers. Elinchrom said the kits include two D-Lite heads, two Softboxes, two light stands and bags, with estimated street pricing of under $900 for the 200W D-Lite 2 and under $1,100 for the 400W D-Lite 4.

The new D-Lites offer amateur photographers on tight budgets quality and advanced lighting technology without breaking the bank.

The new D-Lite studio flash kits are available through Bogen Imaging, the exclusive North American distributor of Elinchrom products.


Chris Malinao

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Chris teaches Lightroom as workflow software to photography students at the FPPF, Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation. He also teaches smartphone photography.

2 thoughts on “New Studio Flash Kits from Elinchrom

  1. Sid

    I think you mean new to the USA, they have been available in Europe for a while.

    The D-lites are very nice, the heads have no built in fans, but that has not been a problem, even when used in a softbox. The flash/strobe output is very controllable and consistent.

    In Europe, Amateurs and Pros are using them. The D-Lites are a very portable setup. All the Elinchrom accessories will fit a D-Lite, snoots, reflectors etc. Did I buy them, yes; am I happy, yes.

    Keep the podcasts coming.

  2. david


    i bought last month the d-lite 4 and use them for intens studio work (500 to 600 pictures at a time ) they are good and worth there money , i had one prob. when i use it for a while they resist to flash becose the temperature comes to high then i turn off the modeling lights and the problem is gone but for €900 its quality nad if you want some examples got to