New Samsung D103 Compact Has 10 Megapixels

Samsung D103 Compact Camera

The Samsung D103 compact digital camera too wants to make it under your Christmas tree in time for the holidays. This small point-and-shoot camera has a whopping 10.1 megapixels of resolution; no more optical viewfinder, but it has a large 2.5-inch LCD screen on which to frame and view your shots.

The Digimax D103 supports ISO 1000, making it one of the most light-sensitive models in its class. This feature allows faster shutter speeds – great for moving objects and capturing crisp images in low light conditions.

You can also use the D103 as a camcorder (as any decent digital camera can) to deliver VGA (640 x 480) movies at 30fps. But this one can shoot up to 4x longer movies because of its high compression capability.

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Chris Malinao

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Chris teaches Lightroom as workflow software to photography students at the FPPF, Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation. He also teaches smartphone photography.

6 thoughts on “New Samsung D103 Compact Has 10 Megapixels

  1. Slingers

    All I can say is ……

    DO NOT BUY THIS CAMERA – It is not fit for purpose.

    I have had two since the 26th December.

    The catch is……….

    It will not work effectively with any type of disposable batteries.

    I even tried Lithium Ion ones and after two shots received the “Low Battery” warning were upon the camera shuts down automatically and the flash would not operate at all.

    The first Camera only took 7 non flash shots with the supplied alkaline batteries before it stopped working. In all it went through 3 sets of batteries, all alkaline, to take just 30 photo’s.

    After removing the batteries each tested with a full charge on a tester but would still not power the thing.

    I have emailed Samsung about this and obtained a suitable bland response which states….
    “Disposable batteries don’t tend to last long as the camera does use a substantial amount of power, we recommend that one try using a rechargeable battery as they carry a lot more power. The optimum battery to use is a NiMH battery from 2500mAH – 3000mAH.”

    While I appreciate their point I do expect it to actually operate with some limited reliability using disposable batteries.

    My response was this ….

    “….. This Camera is not fit for purpose and as a result I have already returned it to PC World and obtained a full refund. I hope many others do the same.

    I am frankly surprised that a large organisation such as Samsung would produce such a poorly thought through piece of technology, I will not be purchasing a Samsung camera again.

    This camera should never have been produced with the option of using AA batteries and should have been engineered with some sort of integral rechargeable high capacity nickel metal hydride battery. I have gone back to using my Olympus digital camera which successfully uses this type of technology.”

    As you can see I have now returned my second D103 and obtained a full refund and, if you experience the same as me, I would advise you to take it back sooner rather than later. This is hardly a simple point and shoot camera as it is marketed.

  2. Mike

    I disagree. I have just bought this camera today. I used the basic alkaline batteries which are included and they lasted a reasonable amount of time, for a digital camera.

    All digital cameras eat batteries, they have a flash and lcd to power.

    You should try the rechargable 2600, they work a treat.

  3. kerol

    it is true that when u use disposable batteries it only gives u a couple of shots then it will go dead, i took it back to currys and ask about the problem, and received the same explaination that i need to get a rechargeable NiMH 2500nMH-3000nMH. since this is my first digital camera, i really dont’t know what to expect. i’m now using rechargeable batteries and it’s working just great, able to take at least a couple hundred shots, by the way i hav a 2gig sd card in it.

  4. Andy

    I have this camera too and it used my batteries really quickly.

    Can somebody tell me where to get these high powered batteries from? Samsung?

  5. Stef

    I use a mix of 1900 and 2300 mah NiMh batteries, and I managed to shoot 2 hrs of video with no problems. The best batteries for me are , they sell 2700mah and are rated just over 2700, not 2550-2700mah like some manf’ have in the small print.

    This camera takes excellent photos on a tripod, to me it seems to have a tendency to use a slightly too slow shutter speed when on ‘auto’ making it hard to get sharp photos free hand unless your outside in very bright conditions when its max’d at 1/1500th
    The manual functions allow you to work around this but the extra time fiddling with the settings gets tiresome.

    Overall I’ve used this camera more than any other I’ve had and am very pleased with it.

  6. Vinod


    Is a alkaline battery and the other specs, Ni, etc, can be used in this D 103 model. What will be the battery type when need as a rechargable battery. Anyone can suggest it? Any trustful battery and the provider please, as this doesn’t have the capacity to hold normal batteries for even lesser times

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