New CameraBright LED light accessories help focus in low light

CameraBright manufactures LED focusing lights that screw into your digital camera’s tripod mount or fasten to a standard hot shoe and cast light on your subject prior to firing your flash. This allows better low light focusing and may reduce red-eye as well. They’ve announced some new products, so here’s the dirt…

CameraBright, Inc. expands its product line of the world’s only consumer-based photographic lighting accessory product line by introducing two new products, the CameraBright! X1-ER Plus lighting accessory with durable metal threads for heavier use applications and the HS1 universal camera shoe adapter for connecting any of the available CameraBright! lighting accessories to a digital SLR camera or camcorder shoe mount. CameraBright! X1 lighting accessories connect to virtually any digital camera or camcorder to allow users to capture better pictures and videos in low and no light situations.

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