Minox Releases Classic Red Rolleiflex in Miniature

Minox Mini Rolleiflex in Italian Red

Minox has released a limited edition of “Italian Red” miniaturized digital version of the classic Rolleiflex twin-lens reflex camera.

The 3.1-megapixel mini Rolleiflex has a tiny 0.9” LCD monitor and you look down on it just like you did with the classic camera. The mini Rollei is only available in Germany for 300 euros.

Minox first released the mini Rollei back in November 2005 in classic black. Minox has made quite a name for itself by offering several novelty miniaturized digital versions of legendary film cameras like the Rolleiflex and the Leica M3, as well as cameras with round bodies and models that are gold-plated.

Minox Mini Rolleiflex in Black
Photo: Softpedia

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