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E016 Jim Jordan

In this episode, Bill and Ed talk with Jim Jordan, high profile commercial and celebrity photographer.


Bill Crawford, publisher of (Flickr)
Ed Hidden, exclusive photographer (Flickr)

Special Guest:

Jim Jordan, international commercial and celebrity photographer.

Jim Jordan

Jim Jordan Photos

Visit Jim Jordan’s web site:

LightSource Episode 16 (Interview Series) [27:33 minutes]



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In this episode:

Bill and Ed discuss:

  • Adobe Lightroom for Windows
  • Adobe camera raw update
  • Photoshop tutorials
  • EyeFi wifi enabled SD cards
  • Pinhole cameras

Special Guest Jim Jordan, commercial photographer discusses:

  • Starting out as a hair and make-up artist
  • Turning into a professional photographer
  • His secret to connecting with models
  • How not being a technical photographer can make you better
  • His lighting style and equipment
  • Digital workflow and
  • Advice for budding photographers

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3 thoughts on “E016 Jim Jordan

  1. Dolores


    I loved your interview with Jim Jordan!! I plan on listening to it again and again. Thank you!! You asked Jim all the questions I was yearning to know the answers to. I sobbed after this interview. Jim (what a lovely nice man) helped me in a way I can perhaps never explain. I started photography a few years ago…I’m a rather late bloomer but my passion is as strong (if not stronger than anyone who yearns to do this for their life’s work). I was so stressed by learning the technicals (not that I don’t understand my camera well…it’s the lighting!) as quickly as possible since I have a wedding to shoot in a month that I was spending more time on the net researching lighting techniques than I was doing what Jim suggests, and that is keep playing with the camera and see what works! Jim’s relaxed and honest teaching style has me convinced that photography can be successful and approachable even for those who do not wish to dedicate $30,000 in education and decades in training. I know I have an eye…but was considering dismissing photography as a profession because I never had the formal training of the masters. The decades of training I lack had me SO intimidated. Well, Mr. Jim…you have helped me to believe in myself and that I have what’s most important. My passion, my eye and perseverence!! Thank you, Jim for your honesty. Thank you for your time. And for sharing your growth with us. I appreciate it more than I can put into words! Because of your honesty …I am inspired with new “eyes” and a confidence that will hopefully propel me forward. God bless.

    Dolores Neilson
    PS: Forgive me if there are typos..this is typed rather quickly.

  2. Barry

    I agree with Dolores ( who is a truly awesome photographer).

    In my opinion the Jim Jordan interview was the best ever.

    His easy style, laid back attitude, motivational speach, positive attitude was like putting jet fuel in a VW.

    Thanks so much


Vtg. Eastman Kodak Studio Scale in original Box, N.Y. USA, L-B962 picture
Vtg. Eastman Kodak Studio Scale in original Box, N.Y. USA, L-B962
Genuine Sekonic light meter L-398 Studio Deluxe picture
Genuine Sekonic light meter L-398 Studio Deluxe
8x10 Century 4a Studio Camera with stand picture
8x10 Century 4a Studio Camera with stand
Vintage Taylor Hobson Studio Varotal 10:1 Lens  picture
Vintage Taylor Hobson Studio Varotal 10:1 Lens
Vintage Eastman Kodak Photograpy Studio Scale -  picture
Vintage Eastman Kodak Photograpy Studio Scale -