Kopin Corp Announces Smallest VGA Display

Kopin Corp Announces Smallest VGA Display

Kopin Corporation says they have developed the world’s smallest VGA (600×480) full-color display. With just 0.27-inch diagonal size, the tiny display is touted as “an important achievement in our previously announced goal to create a 2048 x 2048-resolution display in a size smaller than a typical postage stamp.”

To achieve its tiny size, Kopin shrank the color dots to a mere 2.9 x 8.7 µm from the previously announced 3.75 x 11.25 µm (micrometer, or millionth of a meter).

“Using the same color dot size, we can create SVGA (800 x 600) displays in a 0.34-inch diagonal size, XGA (1024 x 768) displays in a 0.44-inch diagonal and SXGA (1280 x 1024) displays in a 0.56-inch diagonal size,” said Dr. John C.C. Fan, Kopin’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “These ultra-compact displays should be ideal for high-end digital still cameras requiring high-resolution electronic viewfinders.”

Kopin Corporation is a manufacturer of microdisplays for consumer and military applications. They have shipped more than 30 million displays for a range of consumer and military applications including digital cameras, personal video eyewear, camcorders, thermal weapon sights and night vision systems.

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