Kingston Now Shipping New 16GB USB Flash Drives

Kingston Now Shipping New 16GB USB Flash Drives

Kingston is now shipping its popular DataTraveler 400 with MigoSync software and DataTraveler 100 in 16GB capacities. Also, Kingston has released the DT101, a drive featuring security software and available in cyan, pink and yellow colors.

Here’s how Kingston describes their new releases:

DataTraveler 400:
The DT400 with MigoSync gives users the freedom to work on multiple PCs. Data such as emails and Internet browser settings are stored on the drive, thus allowing users to recreate their desktop on virtually any PC. When the drive is connected to the “host” machine, MigoSync software automatically synchronizes to keep data up-to-date.

DataTraveler 100:
Built with simplicity in mind, the DT100 can hold large amounts of data in a small form factor with capacities between 2- and 16GB. There is no cap to lose as the thumb-action slider controls the retractable USB connector for safe housing and ease of use.

DataTraveler 101:
As the latest addition to Kingston’s family of USB Flash drives, the DT101 sports vibrant colors (cyan, pink and yellow), a swivel design and capacities up to 8GB. For added peace of mind, SecureTraveler software allows the user to create and access a password-protected, secure area of the drive.

Prices for the different models and capacities are in the link below.


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