Imaging Resource Reviews WD MyBook Studio II Hard Drive

Western Digital MyBook Studio II Hard Drive

How do you use this Western Digital MyBook Studio II hard drive? Is it any good? Will it be useful to photographers like Dave Etchells of Imaging Resource?

Dave suggests we might as well bracket everything we shoot these days, in both RAW and JPEG too, since we’re now digital and photos are free. Shoot also from different angles, focal lengths, shutter speeds, flash settings, etc., etc. to maximize your chance of getting that one shot. That of course will quickly fill up your 320GB hard drive.

Solution? A bigger hard drive.The Western Digital MyBook Studio II is one such hard drive, coming in at 1TB or 2TB capacity. Dave took a look at it, used it thoroughly, and examined it closely like he usually does in reviewing the more complex cameras.

How’s its quad interface doing? How do you use its WD RAID Manager software? How do you back up with it? Does it perform well? Is it for you and me?

Read Dave’s review of the WD MyBook Studio II via the link below.

[Via: Imaging Resource]

Published by Chris Malinao

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