iCanTek LightCam Can See in the Dark

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iCanTek LightCam Surveillance IR DVR

South Korea’s iCanTek recently introduced to the market a digital video recorder in the form of what looks like a flashlight. They call it the LightCam because it is indeed a camera – a video camera – and it utilizes infrared to see in the dark.

It’s not for photographers, of course; it’s more for security guards who need to patrol dark malls and alleys during off hours when the lights are out.

The camera can take snapshots and record video and audio at a measly 15 frames per second. Video resolution is also quite meager; you have a choice of 320 x 240 or 160 x 120. Light sensitivity is 0.2 lux. Video and still shots are stored to its 512MB of built-in memory.

Lousy? Yes. But it is the beginning of something big; you can strap it on later to a more powerful weapon and you have something there. For now, it looks like it’s heavy enough to do some club duty (yeah, a club to whack a thief with).

The LightCam sells for a little over $500, about the price of some bolt and nuts from some defense contractors.

[Via: Aving Korea]
Photo: Aving.net

Published by Chris Malinao

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