I-O Data of Japan Releases Tough 16GB HDMC Flash Drive

I-O Data HDMC USB Flash Drive

The HDMC Pocketable HDD can survive very tough conditions; you can drop it, freeze it, throw it and wash it. The completely waterproof USB Flash storage device made its debut as a 12GB drive more than a year ago and it’s reappearing today with a bit more space – 16GB.

The new HDMC is heftier than a USB stick and it looks more like a fat solid state drive that connects to your PC via a USB connector. The bulk is mostly rubber and silicon compound that sandwiches the circuitry in two layers inside a shockproof and waterproof casing. The device sells in Tokyo for ¥25,300 or about $230.

I-O Data HDMC USB Flash Drive

There’s a very appealing video here of the HDMC, made earlier when it was still offering 8GB and 12GB.

Solid state Flash of course is very stable and can survive being submerged in water without waterproofing. Just dry it up first before using. This was evidenced recently in Nova Scotia where a camera fell into the river and laid there for two years; the CompactFlash card yielded the 300 photos it recorded before it sank.

[Site: IOData.jp]

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