HP Wants to Go into Your Groceries with Retail Store Assistant

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HP Labs researchers in Palo Alto, CA are perfecting what they call the Retail Store Assistant, an in-store kiosk solution envisioned to make shopping for food, clothes and electronics easier for buyers and make selling things easier for retailers.

You don’t need to have a shopping list when you go to the grocery; you simply swipe a club card or your phone number. Any information you’ve entered online from home (milk, eggs, pretzels, ground beef, and apples) will show up on your profile.

Your club card keeps track of your shopping habits, taking notes of the items you regularly buy. Special offers tailored to your shopping habits will then regularly tug at your sleeves.

Hmmm…Is it wise to trust HP with this kind of very personal info? Remember the HP boss who spied on her board?

[Via: USA Today]

Published by Chris Malinao

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