HP Talks About Lower Ink Prices

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Hey, listen to this, man. HP is talking lower prices of printer ink. In its press release today, HP said it is changing the way it delivers inkjet cartridges to customers to offer them more choice, greater value and a simplified shopping experience, both in-store and online.

And just how does this work, pray tell? Beginning this year, most new HP consumer printers worldwide will be introduced with multiple inkjet cartridge offerings. HP says the new cartridge options will deliver value by offering low purchase prices to customers who print a little, and lower cost-per-page to customers who print a lot.

There will be a new color-coded packaging system across HP’s entire inkjet cartridge portfolio. Three color-coded categories – standard (blue), value (green) and specialty (red) – will allow customers to walk into a retail store or log on to hp.com and quickly and easily scan their options to find the right cartridge that offers the best value for their printing needs.

Standard will have a lower purchase price (in the $15 price range) for customers who print a small number of pages on, say, a weekly or monthly basis.

Value will cater to customers with higher volume printing needs. This line will have high-yield “XL” cartridges that give customers about 30-45 percent savings on a cost-per-page basis.

Specialty cartridges will be for customers with special applications and printing jobs, such as professional-quality photographs.

Hope this works.

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Published by Chris Malinao

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