Hasselblad Launches H4D-40 Medium Format Digital Camera

Hasselblad H4D-40 Medium Format Digital Camera

The Hasselblad H4D-40 medium format digital camera is the most recent addition to the company’s new H4D camera line, featuring faster capture rates, higher ISO ratings, up to 4 min exposure times, and what Hasselblad calls the new True Focus technology. This feature, according to Hasselblad, is a further refinement of the company’s Auto Focus system that makes accurate near field composing substantially easier for photographic professionals.

“The fact that our large sensors have millions of pixels more than 35mm sensors is known, for instance,” Hasselblad CEO Larry Hansen explains, “but the superior image quality that results, in terms of color, detail, and clarity, is not as well known. Likewise, many photographers are not aware of the fact that the larger format of the H System cameras provides a considerably shallower depth of field range, making it much easier to utilize selective focus to creative effect. When combined with True Focus, this opens enormous creative possibilities and technical accuracy. Add to this the modularity of the H4D-40 with its choice of bright image viewfinders and an extensive accessories program, and you get a feature set that makes a Hasselblad system, today, more than ever, a crucial component of any professional photographic toolbox.”

Hasselblad is targeting the H4D-40, which features a 33×44 mm CCD sensor with 40 million pixels and provides almost twice the capture area of the largest 35mm DSLR sensors, towards high-end 35mm professionals.

The H4D-40 starts at about $20,000 and is available now.

[Via: Hasselblad]

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