HARMAN Tech, Paterson Photographic Keeping Traditional Darkroom Alive

Harman Technology and Paterson Photographic Logos

As part of its gallant effort to “Defend the Darkroom,” (the real darkroom, mind, with all its equipment, photographic paper and chemicals) UK-based Harman Technology Ltd is teaming up with Paterson Photographic Ltd to keep the darkroom and all its associated techniques alive.

HARMAN will use its established export channels to make it easy for photographers and enthusiasts throughout the world to access the Paterson Photographic range of products. These products, which include everything from tongs to spiral tanks and enlargers, have built up a significant following both in the UK and US. By establishing a trading relationship with HARMAN, Paterson now hopes to emulate this success on a truly global scale.

Most notably, HARMAN said it will now take over the distribution of Paterson’s three specialty liquid film developers which are noted for their excellent performance, especially excellent image sharpness. To be offered in a handy 500ml size instead of the current 1 liter bottles, these developers give extra sharp detail in silver gelatine images and were formulated by Geoffrey Crawley – a renowned expert in the science of photography.

“Paterson Photographic and HARMAN have built up a good relationship over the years through our work serving the same customer base. Considering this, and our mutual passion for analogue photography, it makes sense for us to join forces,” commented Richard Perry, Managing Director of Paterson Photographic.

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Published by Chris Malinao

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