Gitzo Celebrates 90 Years (Again!) with GT90TT Tripod

Bogen Imaging

Gitzo celebrated its 90th anniversary last year with their Anniversary Titanium limited edition tripod, but what the heck, it felt good they’re celebrating it again this year with the release of its limited edition GT90TT Titanium tripod. There’s only 390 of them (like the 2007 Anniversary Titanium) for distribution worldwide, according to Bogen Imaging.

The GT90TT boasts the Gitzo G-Lock system, an evolution of the twist-lock idea, making it substantially faster, stronger and more rigid than ever before, says Bogen. It said the unique cone shaped ramp and locking ring are used to create a “gravity locking” effect – the higher the load applied vertically to the system the stronger the locking effect.

The company also said that a Carbon Safelock feature has been added to all models in the Carbon 6x range. By using this material Gitzo was able to cut vibrations and improve tripod-to-head lock. The discs on the Basalt and Aluminium tripods were also improved, and are now made from strong yet light techno-polymer.

The Gitzo GT90TT Titanium tripod appears to be the same Anniversary Titanium tripod released last October. Hmmn…GT90TT, Titanium Traveler…get it? (And somebody just pulled my leg!)

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