Fujifilm Rolls Out FinePix Z200fd, Boasts New Timer Modes

Fujifilm FinePix Z200fd Digital Camera

Fujifilm has added the new FinePix Z200fd to its ultra-compact Z-series of fashionista cameras offering 10 megapixels, an advanced Fujinon 5x zoom lens and a scratch-resistant 2.7-inch display.

The new Z200fd also features dual image stabilization and face detection which now works in tandem with an automatic red-eye removal function, plus sensitivity settings up to ISO 1600 for low light shooting.

But what really excites Fujifilm are two new technologies that are debuting with the Z200fd: Couple Timer Mode and Group Timer Mode.

In the Couple Timer Mode, the camera detects two faces in a frame and will automatically take the picture as the two faces come closer together. How close? You get to program it.

In Group Timer Mode, if there are four of you to be in the picture, you set the number 4; the camera won’t take a picture if there are only 3 faces detected. When you join in for the group shot and the camera detects 4 faces, it clicks to take the photo. Neat.

The FinePix Z200fd will debut in September at a retail price of $300.

[Via: Fujifilm USA]

Published by Chris Malinao

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