Fujifilm Rolls Out EF-X20 Compact Flash


Fujifilm has officially launched the lightweight and compact EF-X20 hot shoe mounted flash. It was there when the company announced its Fuji X-Pro1 interchangeable lens camera last January but Wednesday March 28 was its formal debut.

The EF-X20 flash for Fujifilm’s X-series cameras is also compatible with the HS20EXR, HS25EXR, HS30EXR, SL240, SL260, SL280, SL300, and SL305 camera models.

It has a guide number of 20 meters at ISO 100 and deploys a built-in wide angle panel with a lever on the strobe’s right-hand side that reduces the guide number to 12 meters. At full power, the color temperature is 5,600K.

Full manual control is available, down to 1/64 power for very low levels of power output. The TTL (Through The Lens) with EV (Exposure Value) flash compensation is in +/- 1/3 step, giving the photographer total control of the power of flash output.

[Site: Fujifilm]

Published by Chris Malinao

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