Fujifilm Announces Underwater Housings for 3 Cameras

Fujifilm has announced housings to allow 3 of their digital cameras to be used underwater or in other wet environments, such as snow.

For use with the FinePix F30 zoom camera, the WP-FXF30 housing keeps the camera dry to a depth of over 120 feet, more than the limit for recreational diving. The F30 camera contains features such as good low light performance up to ISO 3200 and an underwater mode which adjusts for the color of the natural light that is available. Because water absorbs light, the deeper that photographs are taken, the more important these features are. The F30’s long battery life is another reason it is a good choice for this purpose.

For the FinePix A400 and A500 entry-level cameras, the WP-FXA500 housing allows use of the camera at depths of up to nearly 10 feet and also protects the camera from sand, snow, and other harsh weather. It provides a good solution for swimmers and for those who like to use a snorkel, but will leave a SCUBA diver unsatisfied.

Both housings come with a wrist strap and grease to create a good, watertight, seal. The housing for the F30 includes a flash diffuser as well.

[Via: DPNow.com]

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