Eye-Film by Eye-Fi Now On Beta

Eye-Fi Eye-Film SD Wi-Fi Card

This one’s to look forward to: a memory card with Wi-Fi built right in. You can shoot pictures with it inside your camera and auto-upload your photos without the extra hassle of connecting the camera or memory card to a computer. That would be neat.

The Eye-Film SD Wi-Fi card by Eye-Fi will go on beta testing this month for final tweaking before finally being launched as a commercial product. Without requiring any specialized drivers, the Eye-Film is supposed to work with many digital cameras now currently being used.

Eye-Fi hopes to eventually sell the 1GB Eye-Film SD card for about the same price as a 1GB flash card – about $100. You may actually pay for it now and participate in their beta testing; your money back if not satisfied.

[Via Engadget.com]

Published by Chris Malinao

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