Eye-Fi Upgrades Wireless, Online Services

Eye-Fi Upgrades Wireless, Online Services

Eye-Fi card owners can now add geolocation or hotspot access, or both, to any Eye-Fi Card (other than Eye-Fi Explore, which already has all these features built-in). Simply insert the card into the Eye-Fi card reader, and log into the Eye-Fi Manager. Click on Settings, and choose any service upgrade. Once your payment is confirmed, your card will include the new functionality.

The company said that the Eye-Fi Card uploads images as soon as it is within range of a known wireless network, or an open hotspot (if you have the hotspot access service enabled).

But if you walk into an open hotspot or a Wayport hotspot, how would you know if the card started to upload your photos? All you need to do is to set-up Notifications. In the Eye-Fi Manager, under Settings, you will see a free service that is labeled “Notifications”. Click on it, and set-up either text-based notifications to your mobile phone, or e-mail, or even Twitter updates.

Eye-Fi was recently named by Time Magazine as one of the 10 Best Inventions of 2008.

[Site: Eye.fi]

Published by Chris Malinao

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