Energizer DUO USB Charger for NiMH Batteries

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Energizer DUO USB Rechargeable NiMH Battery Charger

The Energizer Duo USB Charger can power up your AA or AAA NiMH batteries by plugging it into a wall socket or the USB port of your desktop or notebook PC.

The device is quite small and very handy; you can easily take it with you, slip it into your pocket or throw it into your laptop bag. The charger plugs directly into a USB port; if there’s an electric outlet available, you can plug the included adapter into the socket and the USB connector plugs into the adapter.

Charging takes about two hours for a couple of 900 mAh AAA batteries, twice longer for 2000 mAh AA batteries.

It has a green LED indicator which blinks when the batteries are charging; it goes steady when charging is complete. But if you find it fun to watch a status window on your computer to tell you how much time is left before charging is complete, there’s also a free downloadable software to tell you that.

[Site: Energizer.com]

Published by Chris Malinao

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