LightSource Podcast Interview Series

E092 Cliff Mautner

Wedding photographer Cliff Mautner discusses his career with Bill and Ed.


Bill Crawford, publisher of (Flickr)
Ed Hidden, exclusive photographer (Flickr)

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Sean Campbell and Steve Hill (

Special Guest:

Cliff Mautner, wedding photographer

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Cliff Mautner Photos

LightSource Episode 92 (Interview Series) [66:41 minutes]



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In this episode:

Bill and Ed discuss:

  • Problems with our podcasting equipment
  • Adobe CS5 features
  • How photographers can use the iPad
  • Chase Jarvis launches

Special Guest Cliff Mautner discusses:

  • Importance of a photographer’s blog
  • Moving into wedding photography
  • Workshops
  • Having a full time staff
  • Getting Started in photography
  • Migrating to wedding photography
  • Similarities and differences to photojournalism
  • Equipment selection
  • Using speedlights to increase quality
  • Preparing for a wedding
  • Making natural images
    — and much more —

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