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E077 Sekonic Pocket Wizard

Phil Bradon, product manager for Sekonic light meters and Pocket Wizard wireless triggering systems speaks with Bill and Ed about his career and his work.


Bill Crawford, publisher of (Flickr)
Ed Hidden, exclusive photographer (Flickr)

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Sean Campbell and Steve Hill (

Special Guest:

Phil Bradon, product manager for Sekonic, and Pocket Wizard for MAC Group.

Sekonic PocketWizard

LightSource Episode 77 (Interview Series) [71:44 minutes]



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In this episode:

Bill and Ed discuss:

Special Guest Phil Bradon discusses:

  • History of Pocket Wizard
  • Custom radio channels for triggering
  • Current Models:
    – Pocket Wizard Plus II
  • $25 Rebate on the Plus II until Feb 2009
  • Using Pocket Wizard to trigger your camera
  • Pocket MultiMAX
  • Setting delay time for flash triggering
  • New cords for remote power control
  • Using zones for advanced triggering
  • How the Pocket Wizard frequency was selected
  • Difference between US and European models
  • Battery Life
  • Channels for use in large crowds
  • History of Sekonic
  • Balancing ambient and artificial light
  • Using meters to create lighting ratios
  • How to use the lumisphere
  • Why you need a flash meter
  • Why your camera’s meter does not work for strobes
  • Sekonic L308 entry level flash meter
  • Sekonic L358 flash meter
  • Sekonic L758 features
  • Advantages of spot meters
  • Sekonic Digital Transfer Software
  • Why you need a light meter in the digital age
  • Calibrating your Sekonic light meter
  • When you use the lumisphere
  • Sekonic Blog and educational content
  • Color meters from Sekonic
  • Accurate balancing color with a meter

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BEIER Precisa Rangefinder  6x6 6x4.5 camera  Lens Meritar 1:3,5 f=75mm E.LUDWIG picture
BEIER Precisa Rangefinder 6x6 6x4.5 camera Lens Meritar 1:3,5 f=75mm E.LUDWIG