DPReview.com Previews the Pentax K20D

Pentax K20D Digital SLR Camera

DPRreview.com is not quite ready yet to release their review of the Pentax K20D – they’re still at it – so they have posted a preview of the Pentax flagship DSLR where we learn that among the subtle changes made was the improved default settings of the camera’s JPEG output, a gripe they made about its excellent predecessor, the K10D.

Reviewer Richard Butler writes, “The stand-out feature of the K20D is undoubtedly its 14.6MP CMOS sensor, co-developed with the giant South-Korean conglomerate Samsung. The companies claim the design reduces the amount of circuitry around each photosite, offering a similar light-sensitive area, per pixel, to a 12MP chip of conventional design. The other major change is the addition of a live-view mode that provides a zoomable, live preview directly from the imaging sensor.”

Richard enumerates the key feature changes between the K10D and K20D:

• 14.6 megapixel CMOS sensor
• Live view mode
• 2.7 inch 230,000 dot LCD (up from 2.5 in. 210,000)
• Burst mode, allows 21fps shooting at 1.6MP resolution (up to 115 frames)
• Dynamic range expansion mode
• X-sync flash socket
• Image parameter settings (Custom image), enhanced
• Color adjustable LCD monitor
• Compare mode in playback
• 32x zoom in playback
• Adjustable levels of High ISO noise reduction
• Up to ISO 3200 (extendable to 6400), rather than ISO 1600
• Dust alert for locating particles on the sensor
• Pixel mapping to identify and correct for dead pixels
• AF fine-tuning (for all lenses or up to 20 chosen lenses)

[Via: DPReview.com]

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