DPReview.com Posts Full Review of Sony HX1 Superzoom

Sony DSC-HX1 Digital Camera

The Sony DSC-HX1 superzoom camera definitely deserves its monicker for its 20x lens that extends from 28mm at the wide end all the way to 560mm at the telephoto end.

Its CMOS sensor is a plus even if it does not output RAW, enabling it instead to shoot 10 frames per second combined with a fast shutter speed. Stacked against its direct competitor, the Canon SX1 IS superzoom, the Sony HX1 is rated a bit higher by DPReview.com – 560 points total versus 545 for the SX1 IS.

Both models fall short however in terms of image quality when compared with even the lowest-priced DSLRs. But if you shoot for the web, or for email, the HX1 (as is the SX1) is a great camera.

[Via: DPReview.com]

Published by Chris Malinao

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