Discofilm: Gooey Stuff to Clean Your Sensor

Discofilm Sensor Cleaner

Discofilm is a gooey liquid with the viscosity of honey, used to clean the sensor of a digital SLR camera. Would you dare?

It is completely safe and effective, says its inventor Rainer Hönle. Many people have used it and he has presumably made a little pile of money selling it.

Discofilm is brushed onto the sensor (rather carefully), wait a couple of hours or so, and when it’s completely dry you just peel it off and you have a very clean sensor.

You’re not actually brushing it onto the sensor according to Rainier. What you are really cleaning is the coated glass filter and not the real semiconductor, which lies beneath that glass filter.

He has posted complete instructions on how to apply Discofilm on his website, but if you’d rather do a little practice, try it on a piece of photo filter first; its surface is pretty much the same as that piece of glass covering the image sensor.

[Site: Gletscherbruch.de]

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2 thoughts on “Discofilm: Gooey Stuff to Clean Your Sensor

  1. Julius

    I have used it. It works wonders. I have a Nikon D80 and the coated glass on the senzor was really dusty ‘cuz I’ve done some shots outside and changed the Objectives outside, so little dust particles got into the camera. I buyed this stuff on eBay, payed 22 Euros with shipping and I have to tell you I am really satisfied. Give it a try, it’s worth it, if you love your camera. :D