Digital Photos Survive After 2 Years in Nova Scotia Waters

Photo of Bill Collins by The Chronicle Herald

Here is an extraordinary tale that demonstrates the robustness and durability of digital photography. After two years of being submerged in the icy cold waters of a Nova Scotia river, a Canon Powershot camera was recovered with its CompactFlash card still intact and preserving the pictures it took in 2005.

Bill Collins and his wife Lori were canoeing in Nova Scotia’s Kejimkujik National Park in 2005 when they capsized, spilling themselves and their belongings into the frigid Autumn waters of Little River.

Collins visited the park again last August to hike and mentioned the incident to a park maintenance worker, Charlie Hearn. This guy Charlie checked the place out and recovered the camera.

Collins took out the CF card and tried it in another camera, and lo and behold, the two-year-old photos were still there!

Hurrah for Flash memory. The Powershot? Of course it was all rusty and totaled, what do you expect?

[Via: The Chronicle Herald]
Photo: The Chronicle Herald

Published by Chris Malinao

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