Detrich Resigns from Toledo Blade After Cloning Brouhaha

The photographer who altered his news photo for the Toledo Blade newspaper has resigned.

Allan Detrich resigned after admitting he manipulated a sports photo that ran on the Blade front page, but he explained that he did it for personal use; he says the doctored photo was transmitted to the paper erroneously.

The Associated Press said it had removed access to 50 of Detrich’s images that are in the AP photo archive. The Toledo Blade said Detrich has resigned effective April 7. The paper is continuing its investigation into Detrich’s work.

Unaltered photo by Joshua Gunter, cleaned photo by Allan Detrich
Unaltered photo (top) by Joshua Gunter
Cleaned photo (bottom) by Allan Detrich
Via: PDN Online

It could have been a very competent cloning job to remove a distracting pair of legs from the photo. Unfortunately, a number of photographers also shot the same scene from the same angle at the very same time.


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