Delkin Says Archival Gold Blu-ray Discs Will Last 200 Years

Delkin Archival Gold Blu-ray Disc

Delkin says its Archival Gold Blu-ray (BD-R) recordable media is guaranteed to preserve data safely for over 200 years because its proprietary ScratchArmor scratch-proof coating protects the discs over fifty times better than typical coatings found on other optical discs.

Aside from its unprecedented 200 year longevity rating, Delkin Blu-ray discs feature a market-leading 4x write speed, allowing users to burn 25GB of data in only 23 minutes, according to the company.

A single Blu-ray disc is able to store 25GB of data, more storage than 5 DVDs or 33 CDs can provide. Delkin BD-R discs are available in a variety of packages, including a single jewel case, a five disc binder, a ten disc spindle, or a 25 disc spindle.

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