CES 2008: A Survival Guide to Las Vegas

CES 2008

Martin Veitch of The Inquirer writes, “…use lip balm and skin cream. You’re in the middle of a desert after all. Keep dollar bills handy because everybody needs tipping but you don’t want to give a way the big folding. Don’t be tempted to walk unless you’ve studied distances carefully as those convention centres are further away than they look. Brits might want to note that cash incentives to queue jump and share cabs aren’t frowned upon as they might be at home.”

This and other hilarious tips to surviving Las Vegas are offered to first time visitors to CES 2008 which kicks off next week at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

“You’re a geek and so you’re probably going to one of those places later. Fine, it’s your life, just make sure you ask the bell hop or sociopath cab driver for inside tips in order to avoid getting ripped off/arrested.”

[Via: TheInquirer.net]

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