Canon Issues New Fix Notice for EOS-1D Mark III AF Woes

Canon EOS-1D Mark III DSLR Camera

Has Canon finally fixed the autofocus problem of the EOS-1D Mark III DSLR camera? Maybe yes, maybe not, if we are to go by Canon’s updated service notice:

“After the AF mirror Adjustment, including the updated firmware version 1.1.3, the EOS-1D Mark III AF function performed better in our tests than all previous EOS camera models,” the Canon announcement said.

Performed better? You mean you didn’t really fix it for good? That now it’s just a tad better than before?

“We will continue to investigate, and look for opportunities to improve the performance of the AF system to ensure the satisfaction of all of our customers,” the update concluded.

Oh, so there. What does Rob Galbraith have to say about this? “The reasons for Canon posting such a statement can only be guessed at, but one possible interpretation is that the company is trying to buy itself some time to complete the development of the fix that Canon USA pro reps began discussing at the beginning of February.”

[Via: Canon USA, Rob Galbraith]

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