Brookstone Offers Digital Photo Wallet

Brookstone Digital Photo Wallet

Brookstone is offering to sell you a digital photo wallet that may eliminate the need for prints if you’re one of those guys who carry photos in their wallets, if you carry a wallet at all (some people do not). Their new leather wallet includes a removable digital photo viewer that stores 55 color images.

Now, 55 printed pictures could add up to as thick as a deck of cards, but the Brookstone photo viewer that fits into the wallet is quite small, so it’s quite handy.

But it is also, well, quite small. Its screen is only 1.4 inches. With screen that small, expect to reasonably view only ID-sized pictures of faces. What if I wanted to view a full-body photo of my favorite pin-up girl? What can a minuscule 1.4-inch screen show?

You can opt for their 3.5-inch PictureBook Pocket Digital Photo Album for a wallet-emptying $200, or go look for a good-sized digital photo frame, is what you do. The photo wallet sells for only $59.


Published by Chris Malinao

Chris teaches Lightroom as workflow software to photography students at the FPPF, Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation. He also teaches smartphone photography.