Blend Photos in Photoshop User TV Episode 123

Photoshop User TV Episode 123

Scott Kelby is still missing from Episode 123 of Photoshop User TV, as he was in the previous show (where is he?), But Dave Cross and Matt Kloskowski are keeping the home fires burning, plus Corey Barker pitches in with his own product review.

Dave shows us Photoshop CS3’s awesome capability with Photomerge, blending together a whole series of shots to compose a panoramic photo. It’s so much better than the usual photo stitch, if you’re familiar with that, and a lot easier. You can even zoomify on it. Zoomify? Dave explains that too.

Corey shows us some cool stuff he does with a Wacom Cintiq 12WX pen tablet/monitor, and how it really speeds things up when doing illustrations (if you can afford its $1000 price).

And Matt, he shows us how to create Actions. You record what you do with a photo so that you can apply those same steps with the rest of the other photos, That’s Action. In the process, Matt shows us how to create a Lomo effect. Cool.

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