Billingham Hadley Digital: A Bag for Your SLR

Billingham Hadley Digital

If you used a Billingham bag before, you’d know this would be a good one. The Hadley Digital shares the craftsmanship and styling of the whole Billingham range; it offers durability and style while also providing security and protection for your DSLR kit.

This compact and versatile bag is capable of holding a digital SLR with its lens attached and provides a perfect solution for those who want to take just their vital kit with them on a shoot, according to Billingham marketer JP Distribution. It features a small bellowed front pocket, perfect for storing additional batteries and memory cards. There’s a padded separator covering the top of the insert, ensuring protection from above. Internal dividers can be arranged using hook and loop fastenings.

The Hadley Digital is available in all of the original Billingham colors including the new Sage FibreNyte/Tan. Suggested retail price is £75 including VAT, or about $150.


Chris Malinao

About Chris Malinao

Chris teaches Lightroom as workflow software to photography students at the FPPF, Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation. He also teaches smartphone photography.

2 thoughts on “Billingham Hadley Digital: A Bag for Your SLR

  1. KeithT

    I have had several Billingham’s over the years, but have always found them too heavy in the past to carry on a day’s shoot. The latest outcrop are better than the old though, and there is no doubt about it, Billingham bags are extremely well made and fetch a good second-hand resale price even after many years of usage. I have a terrible time with camera bags though, being a bit short in stature and round shouldered to boot – as I am. I can only wear a bag with the strap across my chest and Billingham haven’t yet factored this point into their designs. I also find working from a bag uncomfortable, and can’t figure why flaps can’t open away from the body rather than into it. Maybe one day the perfect camera bag will be designed and made for people like me. Til then I will continue to search for one.

  2. Mark W

    These are incredibly robust bags for something made of canvas. I’ve just changed my 13 year old 445 for a 555. The 445 has been with me almost every time I been out, done 25,000 miles round India strapped to an Enfield motorcycle, been slid across half the airport floors in Asia, taken everything the Indian monsoon, summer heat and Himalayan winter can throw at it and even now keeps the water out better than any bag I’ve ever owned. If you’re pushed for luggage allowance, the bag will take 20-odd kilos without creaking straps. As Keith T says, the strap layout is not for everyone, and the weight may be an issue, although it never has been for out if you can get on with it you’ll probably never consider another make of bag again. If there’s one piece of kit you can trust, this is it.

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