Beginner, Choosing Your First DSLR?

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Want advice on that? Here’s a few thoughts on buying your first digital SLR camera. Mary Lojkine of CNET Australia says the latest crop of entry-level SLRs from Canon, Nikon and Sony are more similar than different.

Then she proceeds to elucidate on the merits and qualities of each in relation to the needs of a beginner who wishes to transition from compact digicams to SLRs.

In a nutshell, her choices for you boil down to Canon EOS 400D, Nikon D40 and Sony Alpha-100, in that order. See if you agree with her.

As for me, I’d say get the Nikon D80 if you have the money. If you’re a little short on budget, get the older Canon EOS 350D (Rebel XT in the US), a much cheaper camera now but still very competent. Then, if you still want to look around, consider the Pentax K10D or K100D.

Still perplexed? Choose blindly among all cameras mentioned here; you can’t go wrong with any one of them.


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One thought on “Beginner, Choosing Your First DSLR?

  1. Carlos Rosa

    Well, I don’t agree at all, She got to be kidding!

    First of all, look at the camera grip, Canon Rebel is just horrible, it is to small, but this is not really the problem, once Nikon D40 is even smaller but it is just fine in our hand. Sony, terrible, they mad the shutter button in a horrible position, so, if you want to spend a day with your family in a vacation trip, and you want to shoot all day long, you going to kill your hand with those 2 cameras.

    Nikon D80, it just perfect, you’ll fill like they had made the camera just for your hands. Nikon has a lot of plus, it is much comparable to a Canon D30, which is a lot more expensive. You’ll have much better lenses, and a longer zoom, probably will be all you need to start. Nikon has the LCD panel on top, take around 3000 shots with one battery charge, Canon around 400. Nikon has the most accurate and fast AF, it has a AF lamp assistant, which is amazing. I don’t even mention Sony, because they are screen makers, not camera makers. Alpha 100 is a bulk camera, the AF is to slow, to loud, everybody will notice you are around if you try to make the AF to take your picture, is not that accurate as Nikon and Canon, the high ISO is a terrible, it is not a mach for Canon and Nikon.

    Now, even if I prefer Nikon D80, my second choice would be Pentax K10D, for the grip, and many other good things they had packed in this camera.