ASUS Rolls Out the Silent HR-0205T HD DVD-ROM

ASUS HR-0205T HD DVD-ROM Optical Drive

The Asus HR-0205T HD DVD drive is touted to be the quietest of its kind. Asus says it hums along at 21.1dB for single layer HD-DVD discs and 23.7dB for dual-layer DVDs. Compare that with the 26dB standard noise level for a notebook PC hard drive.

The HR-0205T is a read-only unit (no HD DVD burning) that can handle single- and dual-layer HD DVD media, and single-layer HD DVD-R discs, all at 2.4x. It’ll also read all the many DVD formats at 5x and CD media at 15x.

It can be mounted horizontally or vertically and connects to a parallel ATA port; a PATA-SATA adaptor should enable it to be hooked up with the current serial ATA bus.


Published by Chris Malinao

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