Alien Bees releases Radio Flash Trigger system for $80

Alien Bees is at it again – as more proof that they listen to what photographers want and find ways to manufacture them for the masses they’ve released the Alien Bees radio flash trigger. The wireless radio trigger system sports 8 channels of radio transmission for a range 80 to 150 feet. The transmitter takes batteries and slides into a standard hot shoe lasting for 20,000 to 30,000 flashes. The reciever gets plugged inline of the power cord for the monolight and has a 1/8 inch sync connector to trigger the strobe.

To top it off, the price of the reciever and transmitter together only sets you back 80 bucks! I think i’ve just decided what I want in my Christmas stocking this year!

Visit the Alien Bees radio trigger product page

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