$8000 for a Butt Shot? No, for Suing the Police!

Photo of butt chairs from Weird Asia News

Is it okay to take a picture of a woman’s bare bottom at a park? The answer appears to be yes, if we follow this story from the New York Daily News.

The guy, Robert Kabakoff (he’s an actor, but that’s another story), was at the Central Park when he spotted a woman tanning her bottom in the sun.

“Hey, slice of life,” Robert thought, and so with a cell phone he snapped a picture of those bare assets. The woman’s friend saw what he did and called the cops and Robert spent the night in jail.

Robert sued. In the end, he got an $8,000 settlement from the NYPD.

[Via: NYDailyNews.com]
Unrelated Photo: Weird Asia News

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