3D Binoculars Capture Magnified Photos In 3D

Stereo Imaging 3D VuCAM

Stereovision Imaging has unveiled its 3D VuCAM binoculars which offer 3D professionals and enthusiasts the ability to capture hi-res 3D photos. The 3D VuCAM includes automatic image focus and exposure techniques to ensure consistent quality 3D images even by those new to 3D photography.

The 3D VuCAM integrates a pair of 3.1-megapixel cameras into its binocular optics to deliver sharp magnified stereo images. With advancements in 3D display technology, end-users can now enjoy viewing images captured with the 3D VuCAM on glasses-free 3D displays or on standard PC monitors using anaglyphic glasses. The 3D images can also be viewed on 3D polarized displays and on 3D projection systems.

[Via Cameratown.com]

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