Wild Magnolia Design Introduces Eco-Friendly Albums

Wild Magnolia Design Introduces Eco-Friendly Albums

Wild Magnolia Design says their wedding albums are of archival quality and eco-friendly; each album is made completely by hand and incorporates materials such as hemp canvas, vegan silk and tree-free paper.

“I wanted to bring photographers and their clients something absolutely unique — something they hadn’t seen before,” said Rebecca Shostak, owner and co-founder of Wild Magnolia Design. “But I didn’t want sacrifice longevity or quality to have a greener alternative. That’s what makes these books special — they’re eco-friendly, but last a lifetime.”

For one album cover option, Shostak developed a method of transferring an image onto pure hemp canvas, resulting in a muted “vintage” look, which is extremely popular. “The technique was really a happy accident — I got lucky,” she said. “The way the hemp absorbs the inks gives the covers an antique look. Clients are loving it.” Other cover options include vegan Peace Silk, a silk spun from cocoons harvested after the silk moth has flown away.

[Site: WildMagnoliaDesign.com]

Published by Chris Malinao

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